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Thursday, March 24, 2005


The Carpetbagger Report gives some more information on the Georgia re-redistricting saga.

Sue gives some very good info on what's going on in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzkhstan, and also tells us why we she may have more to do with freedom on the march, than ol' Bushie does.

The Men's NCAA Tournament starts back up tonite. Time to start separating the wheat from the chaff... This is where the cream of the crop starts to rise... (insert your own sports cliche right here). Game times are right here.

Finally, has anyone else been keeping up with the West Wing? I basically took last season off and just started watching again a couple of weeks ago, but is anyone in the world buying the fact that a pro-choice candidate could win the Republican nomination? In a year where both parties have open primaries? What in the world would make a pro-choice voter decide to vote in a Republican primary when there is an open Democratic primary going on right next door? Or are we supposed to believe that the pro-lifers are actually holding their nose and voting for Vinnick? Last but not least, does anyone else think that Hoynes and that Republican Reverend guy are gonna join up on a 3rd party values ticket?