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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Georgia Re-re-districting, Part II

Yesterday, the Georgia Legislature passed their re-districting bill designed to kick two Dems out of office, and protect one GOP incumbent. As I have written before, this plan is nowhere near as bad as the Texas one put into action last year. Both Dem congressmen should be able to hold on and win.

But this plan may just not pass Votings Rights muster as they are facing some serious minority vote dilution questions. Dem Rep. Jim Marshall's old district was 40% African-American while his new one is 33%. And Republican Rep. Phil Gingrey's old district was 28% African-American while his new one is 12%. Democrat John Barrow's has already made it clear that he'll run in the district where his hometown of Athens resides in (which makes it either the new or old district depending how you look at it).

For more info see Ed Kilgore's post via Talking Points Memo.