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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Embracing the Culture of Life

The Bull Moose has a great post in which he argues that progressives should embrace the "culture of life." No, not in the pro-life/anti-euthanasia way, but one where we expand the phraise, "culture of life", to include everything in between the start and stop posts of life. It's been done here in Texas before. Chet Edwards' 2004 campaign was a shining example of how to do this.

How can you be a part of this 'culture of life' when you vote to kick 150,000 kids off of a healthcare program, and take away eye and dental benefits from an additional 500,000, that is designed to help transition people off of welfare rolls? How is dismantling the Social Security safety net for our seniors helping to cultivate a 'culture of life'? How is giving our compulsory and higher education institutions the absolute minimum of state aid- when, at the end of the day, we all know education to be the silver bullet- cultivating a 'culture of life?'

We have an opportunity now to show everyone what a real 'culture of life' looks like. In the words of Congressman Edwards:

"I believe government should not try to solve every problem. But private enterprise and government- working together- should ensure that everyone willing to work hard and play by the rules has a fair chance for a good job, a decent home in a safe community, affordable health care, and a quality education for their children and retirement security."

This is the true culture of life.